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Exhibitions Curated:

Automake and Future Factories [approx 70 items]
Hub, National Centre for Craft & Design, Sleaford, Leicester: 3 May - 8 June 2008

Do It Yourself: Democracy & Design [approx 140 items]
design centre north, Barnsley: 5 May - 17 June 2006
MoDA, Middlesex: 25 July - 10 Sept 2006

Future Factories: Design Work by Lionel Theodore Dean [approx 55 items]
the design centre, Barnsley: 27 Oct - 21 Nov 2003
Dean Clough, Halifax: 1 Dec 2003 - 16 Jan 2004
Media Centre, Huddersfield: 23 Jan - 13 Feb 2004
designersblock, Milan: 14 April - 19 April 2004
designersblock, London: 22 Oct - 26 Oct 2004

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