Ghosts of the Profession:
Open Design and Post Industrial Manufacturing

P. Atkinson, 'Ghosts of the Profession: Open Design and Post Industrial Manufacturing', in Trautenberger, G (Ed.) Open Design, Creative Industries Styria, 2010, pp 18,20
ISBN 978-3-902748-03-4

This book section describes the impact of changes to the design profession stemming from the adoption of Open Design principles and the latest direct digital manufacturing techniques.


For most of our history, the design and production of goods have been carried out by individuals, without the requirement for any kind of professional framework or system. In fact, only since the onset of the Industrial Revolution has the design of a product become so divorced from its manufacture and a heavily regulated process of production, distribution and consumption been put in place. As manufacturing technology progressed, and world-wide communication developed, the 20th Century saw huge refinements in the mass-production of goods to a fixed, predetermined design and the establishment of complex, global infrastructures to distribute and sell enormous numbers of identical products - a development that significantly changed the world in which we live. Well, the world is changing once more.

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